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Common Bed Bug Infestation Questions Answered

What are the symptoms of bed bugs?

  • Blood spots on bed clothes.
  • Bites may cause unpleasant irritation, though not all people show signs of being bitten.
  • Nymph usually take 5 moults to reach adult leaving shed skin.
  • Excrement marks (black dots) on bedstead or furniture may also be in crevices of wallpaper/skirting boards.
  • Hiding bed bugs during the day are visible in seams of mattress, bed frame, furniture etc.

How do you get bed bugs?.

  • Transported in second hand furniture.
  • Can be carried in luggage from travelling.
  • Close contact from person to person in enclosed environment.
  • Can travel from room to room in accommodation.

How does AlclearPestControl eradicate bed bugs?

  • Locate harborage.
  • Treat all cracks and crevices and furniture with residual insecticide alternating active ingredient to conquer resistance.
  • Course of treatment over 4-6 weeks.

What should you do if you get bed bugs?.

  • Call for free survey.
  • Don't panic.
  • Follow advice and get treatment.

Can bed bugs spread disease or infection?

  • No research shows evidence that bed bugs spread disease.
  • Not all people show signs of irritation or bites.

After treatment can bed bugs return?

  • Generally treatment is successful, however access to infested areas can be factor.
  • Frequent travelling can cause a reinfestation.

Are bed bug treatments safe?

  • The use of insecticides is safe when applied in conjunction with COSHH regs by professional personnel.
  • The use of insecticides by untrained people is not advised.