Help With Pigeon Infestation

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Common Pigeon Infestation Questions Answered

How does AlclearPestControl eradicate pigeons?

  • Several methods are available.
  • Shooting.
  • Trapping.
  • Proofing measures like netting, spiking and pin and wire.
  • Restricting food availability is the best long term solution but not always possible.

Do pigeon deterrents work?

  • Short term can ease population though not a method of eradication.

Do pigeons carry disease?

  • Ornithosis, salmonella and tuberculosis.
  • Created by pigeon faeces.
  • Once faeces is dried off, wind will break down the faeces
    and viruses spread into air.
  • Ornithosis is caught from dust contained in dried bird faeces.

Does AlclearPestControl remove pigeon fouling?

  • All areas are treated with biocide then fouling removed.