Help With German & Oriental Cockroach Infestation

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Common German & Oriental Cockroach Infestation Questions Answered

Where do cockroaches reside?

  • German cockroaches prefer warm indoor environments e.g cracks crevices, machines motors.
  • Oriental cockroaches prefer humid environments e.g boiler rooms and drains.

How does AlclearPestcontrol exterminate cockroaches?

  • Locate harbourage.
  • Apply insecticide combinations of water based sprays, gels and dust if applicable.Areosols can flush out from areas of high infestation.
  • Traps can reduce numbers near to harbourage.
  • Course of treatments over 6-8 weeks.

Do cockroaches carry disease?

  • German cockroach is known to carry and spread various disease organisms.
  • Oriental cockroaches are known to carry Pathogenic bacteria although no evidence suggest transmission of disease.

How do cockroaches spread?

  • transportation of second hand furniture, domestic appliances and frequent travelling.
  • Deposited eggs in close communities.