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Common Carpet Beetle Infestation Questions Answered

How do you know if you have a carpet beetle infestation?

  • Adults can be found around window frames or at wall floor junctions of skirting boards.
  • Damage/bald patches may appear in carpets. Holes in clothes (only natural fibres).
  • Bird nests nearby can attract adult carpet beetles.

How does AlclearPestControl treat carpet beetles?

  • Vacuuming thoroughly by client is essential before treatment.
  • Clothes may need to be washed or dry cleaned.
  • Residual water based insecticide applied to all areas of concern.

Is treatment safe?.

  • All insecticides are applied as per COSHH regulations and should only be used by professional pest controllers.
  • Allowing insecticide to dry before going about every day duties at home/office makes treatment 100% safe.

Do carpet beetles return?

  • Usually treatments are 100% successful. If source remains beetles may return.
  • Being vigilant can help prevent reinfestation.