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Common Pharaoh Ant Infestation

How do you know if you have a pharaoh ant infestation?

  • Huge trailing number of ants along surfaces.
  • Largely seen around electrical equipment or power points.
  • Can be found within food substances.

How does AlclearPestControl treat pharaoh ants?.

  • Residual treatments are UNSUCCESSFUL.
  • Special pharaoh ant baiting techniques.
  • Special pharaoh ant baiting techniques.
  • Formulated attractant bait with slow acting poison.

How successful are treatments?.

  • Depending on size of area infested generally treatments are successful.
  • If adjoining buildings are infested treatments may not work.
  • If all buildings/areas are accessible and bait points can be laid treatments usually work.

Will pharaoh ants return?

  • Only if all colonies haven't been located.
  • If suitable bait/poison hasn't been used.