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Common Rat Infestation Questions Answered

How do you know if you have a rat infestation?

  • Sightings can become common.
  • Droppings and gnawing evident.
  • Damage to food packaging, food debris found.
  • Rustling and scratching can be heard.

Pictures of rat droppings

How does AlClearPestcontrol eradicate rat infestation?

  • Combination of baiting programme with various trap methods.
  • House keeping essential in helping gain control.
  • Proofing of holes after treatment.

Will rat infestations return?

  • In some cases further investigation is needed into cause of rats ie broken sewer pipes.
  • With proofing of holes and investigation most treatments are 100% successful.

Are the poisons safe?

  • All bait is applied in tamper proof bait stations in accordance with COSHH regulations.
  • Only professional qualified people should apply poisons.
  • When used correctly the poison/traps pose very little risk.

Do rats spread diseases?

  • Rats can spread diseases via droppings or urine on surfaces.
  • Anti bacteria spray should be applied to all food surfaces before preparations occur in an infested area.