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Common Grey Squirrel Infestation Questions Answered

How do you know you have a grey squirrel infestation?

  • Noise (scratching, gnawing) heard early hours of morning or late at night.
  • Long spindly droppings evident.
  • Visual sightings on or near roof guttering.

What damage can grey squirrels cause?

  • Gnawing of wires, wooden beams and disruption to insulation.
  • Insulation from electrical wiring.
  • Known to pull off lead flashing, tiles, gutters and bird protection systems.

How does Alclearpestcontrol eradicate grey squirrels?

  • Spring traps which are checked every 2-3 days.
  • Live traps which are checked every day.
  • Warfarin squirrel bait.

Will grey squirrels come back?

  • Once treatment has finished it is a good idea to block/proof ingress points.
  • Block all other holes to stop further ingress.