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Common Clothes Moth Infestation Questions Answered

What does common clothes moth damage look like?

  • Bald patches in carpet usually under furniture.
  • Holes in natural fibre clothes such as wool, silk and fur.

How does AlclearPestControl eradicate common clothes moths?

  • All garments should be closely inspected and then washed.
  • If damaged throw away.
  • Furniture moved to check for carpet damage.
  • Closets, drawers emptied and treated.
  • Course of treatment using a residual insecticide over 6-8 weeks.
  • Extreme infestations may require new carpet or new clothes.

How do you get common clothes moth?.

  • Can be transported by people in clothes.
  • Can fly into premises.

Are common clothes moth treatments safe?.

  • When used under COSHH regs all insecticide use is safe.
  • Untrained people not advised to use common clothes treatments.