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Common Cluster Flies Infestation Questions Answered

How does AlclearPestControl eradicate cluster flies?

  • Space sprays with residual properties or fogging treatments.
  • Hoover to remove cluster flies from infested areas.

Are treatments safe?

  • When applied properly to COSHH regulations, risks are almost zero.
  • Only trained professional personnel should apply cluster fly treatment.

Can cluster flies infestations be prevented?

  • It would be virtually impossible to seal every gap and hole against a flies ingress.
  • Only adult flies cause problems in autumn so there is no way of preventing the life cycle.

How do you know if you have a cluster flies infestation and not other species?

  • Flies are usually found in huge numbers around lofts and bedroom windows.
  • Blue bottle flies will usually need rotting matter to lay eggs.
  • Green bottle flies will need rotting vegetation to lay eggs.
  • Get AlclearPestControl to carry out a survey.

Will cluster flies spread?

  • No they will stay in space infested areas.
  • They may return to same space the following Autumn.