Help With Flea Infestation

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Common Flea Infestation Questions Answered

Where do fleas lay their eggs?

  • Usually in fur of host.
  • Can lay in animal bedding.
  • Sometimes can lay in carpet fibres.

What do fleas eat?

  • Larvae eat animal protein debris and blood rich excreta of adult fleas.
  • Fleas are parasites and will prefer animal blood but will also feed on humans.

How does AlclearPestControl eradicate fleas?

  • Treatment via vet is advised for pets before pesticide application.
  • Residual insecticide applied to all carpet areas.
  • Vacuuming thoroughly before treatments, then dispose of bag.
  • Destroy pet bedding.
  • One treatment does not cure infestation.
  • Course of treatment required.

Are flea treatments safe?

  • Treatment is safe when insecticide is applied in conjunction with COSHH regulation.
  • Only professional people should apply insecticides.
  • All advise should be followed.

What is the best treatment for flea bites?

  • Seek medical advice.