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Common Mice Infestation Questions Answered

How do you know if you have a mice infestation?

  • Droppings become more frequent and sightings of mice.
  • Gnawing of food packaging or wood/plastic may occur.
  • Heavy infestations can leave smear marks around holes and gaps.
  • Rustling or scratching can be heard at night.
  • An odour may become evident.

Pictures of mice droppings

How does AlClearPestcontrol eradicate mice infestation?

  • Baiting programme usually gains control.
  • In heavier infestations combination of bait and traps may be required.
  • House keeping is essential gaining control of mice.

Will mice infestation return?

  • Generally after treatment mice proofing is required to reduce access points for mice.
  • Depending on location treatments are successful with no further problems.

Are the poisons safe?

  • All bait is applied in tamper proof bait stations in accordance with COSHH regulations.
  • Only professional qualified people should apply poisons.
  • When used correctly the poison/traps pose very little risk.

Do mice spread diseases?

  • House mice can spread diseases via droppings or urine on surfaces.
  • Anti bacteria spray should be applied to all food surfaces before preparations occur in an infested area.