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Common Wasp Nests Questions Answered

What do wasp nests look like?

How do wasp nest start?

  • Fertilized queen emerges from hibernation around mid April.
  • Queen finds suitable site i.e lofts, slate tiles, air bricks, bushes, trees etc.
  • An initial cell is formed from chewed bark,dried timber and saliva.
  • Queen lays between 10-20 eggs.
  • First adults to emerge are sterile females.
  • This brood (young of wasp nest) takes over task of building nest.
  • Old nest are never reused.

How can you tell if a wasp nest is active?.

  • Watch area of activity, if wasps fly in and out of same area or hole it is probably live, if there seems to be confusion they may be foraging.
  • Turning on a light in the loft will attract wasps after a few minutes, leave area and close hatch.

How do AlclearPestControl get rid of a wasp nest?.

  • An insecticide dust is applied directly into or around entrance to nest.
  • If nest is accessible a water based insecticide can be applied to outer layer of nest.
  • Aerosols are not recommended.

Should you remove an old wasp nest?.

  • Wasps do not reuse old wasp nest.
  • In winter months its usually safe to dismantle a nest if insecticide is not present (not allowed for untrained persons).
  • Old nests do not cause harm or further problems.